Meet The Team
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Suzy Wrong

Founder / Co-Director

Suzy Wrong is a theatre critic and blogger for the Sydney main stage and independent scenes, publishing at Suzy Goes See with an annual website traffic of 50,000 visitors and over 100,000 views, and also at the Europe-based, where statistics reside at 350,000 views per annum.
Suzy is the industry’s most prolific critic, providing coverage for approximately 200 productions each year. Since 2013, she has established herself as the most in-demand theatre critic, receiving review requests from virtually every venue in Sydney, whether promoting a capacity of 10 or 2,500 seats. She sits on the selection panel of the Sydney Theatre Awards.

Having commenced a career in performance in the early 1992 with the Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company, where she had received formal training and intensive stage experience all over Singapore and in neighbouring countries, culminating in a “Best Performance of the Year” Life Theatre Award (the only national awards of the kind) for the play PURPLE in 1998, Suzy Wrong’s depth of understanding for showbusiness is seldom paralleled.

Upon moving to Sydney to undertake a Theatre & Film Studies degree at the University of New South Wales, her focus then switched to studying the artistic ecology of this city. With three years in the Blue Mountains region as a gallerist, another three years in the child talent industry, and then six years in commercial publishing, where she cut her teeth in the corporate world of audience numbers and advertising revenue.

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Lisa Thatcher

Founder / Co-Director

Lisa has worked as an independent a controller/analyst with small business in Sydney for the last twenty-five years. Industries include fashion, retail, hospitality, Boutique wine and small-scale wineries, music, graphic art, automotive, fast food, theatre, events, PR and networking support, child care, technological engineering, investment, publishing, surveying and real estate. All work involved budgeting, controlling and forecasting based on reports and figures compiled by herself. Career highlights include: successfully executed expansion strategies, loan repayment strategies to reduce time frames by half, due diligence for potential investment, and creation and implementation of successful short-term cash flow improvements that impacted long lasting processors.
Lisa has worked with start-up, established and family business in NSW for over 25 years. She as an intimate working knowledge of what it takes to start a business from scratch, connect it to the right people, and monitor its performance against KPI’s and key success factors. She knows the value of experts who can provide what she lacks and understands how to work those relationships.

Lisa also works as a novelist, short story writer and reviewer. Lisa is a member of the Australian Film Critics Association and the Australian Society of Authors.
Short stories have been published in The Black Herald Press, Le Zaparorgue, and The Indie Reader. Lisa has written music reviews for Dusted Magazine and Slant Magazine. Lisa writes film, theatre, music and book reviews for her blog In 2012, Le Zaparorgue Press published Stack, a book of short stories.

Lisa works in the Sydney theatre community as a reviewer. Ferociously independent, Lisa has always sought to encourage all artists in theatre community by creating scholarly articles for independent theatre. Lisa started her theatre reviewing career in 2012, and has built her brand to represent integrity, honesty and an intelligent respect for the courage and work of local artists and their efforts. Her reviews are respected and sought after as essential for a deep and respectful analysis of the arts in Sydney and how that culture is impacting the broader cultural conversation.
Lisa recently appeared on Radio National on a panel to analyse important Brazilian literature.

An evening out isn’t just where you go and what you do. It’s who you are.

Tickets Tonight is an innovative Tech Start Up designing beautiful, affordable nights out to engage with live theatre.

After your vote, your greatest democratic action is the placement of your dollar.

At Tickets Tonight, our intention is to liberate arts culture from the control of government funding by engaging liquid customers and facilitating solutions to impediments preventing a connection with the magnificent joy that is live theatre.

When you go out alone, you invite endless possibility.

Here are Tickets Tonight we believe in the power of people coming together around theatre. You and I are better when we meet face to face and we allow fate to sweep us away.

Tickets Tonight is working with several businesses in our testing phase.

If you would like to work with Tickets Tonight please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Isn’t this just dinner and a show?
A: Not at all! Tickets Tonight will be able to connect you to a cab, a bar, a restaurant, a baby sitter and even a hot date! Tickets Tonight is about you having a great night out, and that includes many different things to make it all go smooth.
Q: How do I build my night out?
A: Tickets Tonight provides multiple services for you to connect to when creating your night. These services are booked through our ticketing system. Your payment goes direct to the service you are buying. Choose the service you want (dinner or pre theatre drinks or babysitting or all of these) and get it when you buy your ticket. Your ticket has the detail of your entire night.
Q: How do you earn money?
A: Tickets Tonight earns money by charging the businesses for the opportunity to connect to the patrons seeking a great night out. We do not charge the Theatres, the artists or the patrons themselves.
Q: Where are the hidden fees?
A: There are fees between you and the bank that holds your account, between the theatre and the bank that holds its account. The only charge Tickets Tonight makes is to the businesses for the opportunity to offer you their service on our platform.
Q: Can I book a show on its own?
A: Not just yet, but very soon – yes!
Q: What if I have a problem with an associated business?
A: You will talk to them about it as if you were visiting any restaurant, or bar or baby sitter. Deal with the business direct, once you have bought your perfect night out.
Q: Why pre-pay?
A: Pre-paying is important, because it creates a contract between yourself and the service. They can’t cancel on you; you can’t cancel on them, unless each gives proper warning. It’s a modern way of keep a commitment by both parties. Plus it means you do not have to get to an ATM or fuss over cash.
Q: How much money goes to the artists?
A: Tickets Tonight is a solution to the problem of diminishing arts funding. Theatres do not pay to be a part of Tickets Tonight; we are a free service for them in every way. This means all your ticket purchase money goes to the theatre venue, company and artists.
Q: Why no booking fees?
A: We want the money to go from your pocket to the artists who make beautiful shows and the businesses who work hard to create your perfect night out. That means nothing between you and the experience. Tickets Tonight needs no admin for the transaction, do not get in the way, and forwards all the money to those making your perfect night out.
Q: How does this help theatre?
A: Tickets Tonight helps theatre by taking away the barriers that usually prevent people from going. If you don’t go because you have small kids, need a day show, want to book your night fast on the phone or simply do not know about theatre as an option for your night out, Tickets Tonight wants erase your problem and help you get to theatre. Full theatres, means more money for creatives, which means more theatre for us to enjoy. Everybody wins!
Q: What if the show I paid for is cancelled?
A: Tickets Tonight has the function inside the application for the theatre company to contact you about a cancelled show and either book another night for you or refund your ticket.